Risk of Impoverishment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The NCAER National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) in collaboration with the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN) recently published the India COVID-19 Poverty Monitor Bulletin assessing the consequences of the pandemic for the vulnerable populations and the risks of impoverishment faced by them. The work is supported by the Covid Collective, a rapid social science research response to inform decision-making on COVID-19 related development challenges.

New Appointments of NDIC Director, Professor Sonalde Desai

Dr Sonalde Desai, Professor at NCAER, who holds a joint appointment at University of Maryland, USA, has recently been appointed as Distinguished University Professor (DUP) at the University. DUP status is a permanent honorific title that recognises exceptional records in research, teaching, and service. Dr Desai has also been appointed to the Committee on Population of the National Academy of Sciences based in Washington, D.C.

Launch of Gender Data Hub by NDIC

The NCAER National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) has launched a gender data hub, supported by a five-year grant from Co-Impact. This hub will focus on research supporting evidence-based policy design from a gender perspective. Sonalde Desai, Professor, NCAER and Centre Director, NDIC, and Pallavi Choudhuri, Senior Fellow, NCAER, will lead this initiative.